Lots of Goodies Are Crowding My Closet

Man, has my mailbox been getting a lot of action. My mailman is feeling put-upon, I’m sure.  Take a look at some of the things crossing the threshold of my front door.

IMG_134219150805718For those who love tangible paper beneath your fingers, I have bookmarks! Notice the quote we chose? This is one of my favorite scenes in Hydraulic Level Five, when Kaye wakes up to find Samuel watching her…and reeking of sour milk. Best. Prank. Ever.

So here’s how you can get your mitts on one or two of these puppies:

If you review on Amazon, you get a signed bookmark.

If you review on Goodreads, you get a signed bookmark.

If you review both sites, you get two signed bookmarks! Be sure to email me links and your mailing address at author@sarahlatchaw.com. We’ll do this until we reach 100 reviews on both sites. And don’t forget, when both sites reach 100 reviews, I’ll release that sizeable SKYGODS EXCERPT!

The Knew_Man MonsterSomething else I got in the mail for the giveaway bags: 10 copies of The Knew’s latest album, Man Monster! It is seriously catchy, y’all. Even if you don’t win a giveaway, consider picking this up. They are a popular Denver-based band with rock sound a bit reminiscent of The Clash—the nicest guys you’ll meet.

And finally, I’ve got a whole stack of paperbacks—isn’t the book gorgeous? Omnific did an incredible job with the cover and fonts, that you just can’t see on an e-reader.


If you haven’t signed up for the giveaway, you still have five days. Go here to enter: Hydraulic Level Five Giveaway

Hydraulic Level Five can be purchased on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble

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