Give Lyons Love

Hydraulic Level Five’s hometown needs some love, y’all.

If you’ve watched the news the past 24 hours, you may be aware that the Front Range in Colorado has been hammered by flash floods and mudslides of “biblical” proportions. sandbaggingSadly, the little town of Lyons is at the heart of this destruction, along with Boulder and the surrounding area. If you have read my recently published novel Hydraulic Level Five, you understand what a blow this is to everyone who loves this quirky, beautiful piece of country.

As of now, the National Guard has evacuated the entire town of Lyons. There is no power, water, sewage system…the infrastructure has been wiped bridge outout. Many of the surrounding areas have not fared much better. I spent the morning clutching my phone and texting with my sister as she described paddling from their farm in a canoe, leaving all of their possessions and animals on a hill, as the Platte River rapidly swelled from its banks and flooded their farm.

It is difficult to do nothing. That’s why, this weekend, Omnific Publishing has generously agreed to give 50 percent of all Hydraulic Level Five proceeds to help with the Front Range flood recovery effort. Saturday, Sept 14—Sunday, Sept 15, for every book purchased, HALF will go to the Foothills United Way Flood Relief fund.

Please pass the word. Please share with a friend, or two, or ten. Give to the Foothills United Way. Let’s let the towns afflicted by this devastation know we’re behind them!

Foothills United Way Flood Relief

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