I found an acoustic version of De Música Ligera today!

Some music just grabs you in the gut. That perfect stretch of notes you want to listen to over and over, often with those pining lyrics that never quite satisfy your need for another verse. For Hydraulic Level Five’s Kaye, it’s De Música Ligera, by Argentine rock legend Soda Stereo.

When on a camping trip, Kaye and Samuel are plied by her former sister-in-law to sing an acoustic version of the song. It’s understandable why she’s reluctant. This song is THE song—the one that takes her back to simpler times with the boy she’s loved since childhood…

Molly groaned. “You guys just sing the song, already! It was the last song of Soda Stereo’s farewell concert — if they could do it, so can you.”

Cassady whispered something in Molly’s ear, and she whispered back. He nodded. “Just think of it like this, Kaye. De Música Ligera was a defining recording of Latin Rock. It’s not just a song, it’s a piece of history.”

“And we’re all about defining moments in history,” Angel added.

Samuel offered me a speculative smile. “It’s pure musical poetry, Kaye. The pain of farewell, the shackles of amor.”

“You people are pushier than a turnstile, you know that?” I was beat. My forehead fell over my guitar with a thump.

This is a fairly decent acoustic cover from The District, which is most similar to what Kaye and Samuel would have performed:

And the rock version, performed live by Soda Stereo at their last concert, in Buenos Aires (be sure to listen for the iconic “gracias totales” at the end!):


De Música Ligera (Of Light Music)

Ella durmió al calor de las masas (she slept by the heat of masses)
Y yo desperté queriendo soñarla (and I woke up wanting to dream about her)
Algún tiempo atrás pensé en escribirle (some time ago I thought about writing to her)
Y nunca sorteé las trampas del amor (and I never got around the traps of love)

De aquel amor (of that love)
de música ligera (of light music)
nada nos libra (nothing frees us)
nada más queda (nothing else remains)

No le enviaré cenizas de rosas (I won’t send her ashes of roses)
Ni pienso evitar un roce secreto (but I don’t mind a secret touch)

De aquel amor (of that love)
de música ligera (of light music)
nada nos libra (nothing frees us)
nada más queda (nothing else remains)

Artist: Soda Stereo
Album: Canción animal (1990)
Song: Música Ligera
Writer(s): Gustavo Adrian Cerati, Hector Juan Pedro Bosio
Copyright: Sadaic Latin Copyrights Inc., Jjc Ediciones Musicales

Translation taken from http://quizilla.teennick.com/lyrics/17944925/de-ma-ligera-of-light-music


  1. Ana Morales
    Ana MoralesJuly 29, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    LOVE this song. I loved when it was played at the clubs. I’m going to go re-read H5.

    1. SarahJuly 30, 2014 at 8:29 am

      It’s great, isn’t it? Just gets in your head.

  2. Carolamex
    CarolamexAugust 17, 2014 at 9:27 am

    As a Latin girl, Soda Stero were gods to me! I keep wishing Gustavo Ceratti wakes up one day. They were amazing and I saw them several times live in concert. Thanks for bringing attention to their music. Xo

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