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Like my shout-out to the 90s?
Iowa friends, I will speak and sign books at the 2017 Montezuma All-Iowa Writers’ Conference September 16, and I’d love to see you there!
Writers, if you want to submit a story for their fiction contest, here’s the deets:
First place prize is $100, 2nd place is $50 and third is $25. The rules are: 2500 words or less, 1 entry per person with a $5 fee per entry. Entries must be postmarked by September 6. Winners will be announced at the conference, but you don’t have to attend to enter or win. Entries need to be mailed to:
Our Front Porch Books
4746 100th Street
Montezuma, Iowa 50171
In other news, I’ve FINALLY found a renewed passion and energy to finish up Fourteeners, the last Hydraulic book in my trilogy. It only took a re-write of half the book, becoming a foster parent, and installing a playset in our backyard so my pile of kids can play together while I write all summer on my deck (although, even as I write this, I’ve told one child to leave his pants on and another not to kick people in the head). Needless to say, our household is busy and exhausting, but amazing. I’m making the last 40 pages “pretty” and in the next couple of weeks when I finish the 2nd draft (knock on wood), I’ll share an excerpt.
I’ve missed this, the creativity, the interaction with readers.

You Can’t Go Home …… Or Can You?

  • Fireside WineryMe and my books are shined up and steppin’ out this weekend. Saturday, September 26, I’ll be at the Iowa Author Fest in Des Moines 9am-2pm. We author types are congregating at Breton Skating Plaza in downtown Des Moines. Shop the farmers market, buy a book. (Or if you’re like me and spend way too much on artisan cheese and jams, buy the book first).  Then on Sunday, Fireside Winery in Marengo, Iowa is hosting an authors’ event September 27, 1-5pm. There will be literature. There will be music. I’ve heard there will also be wine. I suppose all of this means the company will be pretty awesome.

This book event is particularly special, because it’s in my old stomping grounds. I spent many a Saturday night cruising the gravel backroads with friends. We had bonfires, rode very illegally in the beds of pick-up trucks, and scared the crud out of each other in country cemeteries. Much book fodder was pilfered from this corner of Iowa. If you happen to be in the area, swing by and I’ll tell you the real stories behind the fiction. If you can tell me first, I’ll sign your forehead.

In other news, I’ve tackled one hundred pages of Fourteeners this summer. The end is drawing near, my friends. I’m an unbelievable slow writer–it’s the perfectionist in me, playing with words until I find the exact sentiment I want to express. That, and my two toddlers fight over lap real estate whenever I write, God bless ’em. To authors who can pour out a book during NaNoWriMo–I salute you. This is not me. However, I know readers have patiently waited for the conclusion to Sam and Kaye’s story. It’s coming!

Skygods Booty!

There are some fantastic book giveaways and reviews happening all over social media today!

– Author Jennifer DeLucy has a Facebook / Twitter contest to win an ebook set of Hydraulic Level Five & Skygods HERE.

– I am giving away Jennifer DeLucy’s Paranormal Romance Light Series HERE.

– Numerous book blogs are participating in the SKYGODs Tour Giveaway HERE.

Everybody's a Skygod.

Everybody’s a skydiving Skygod.

And we’ve got some great reviews:

“What made me love this so much was the characters and the way the story evolved and their believable, drama free – oh how I love drama free stories! – story made want to re-read the first book and at parts hug them both – okay maybe Sam a little bit more!” 5/5 —The Lovely Pages Reviews

“[Latchaw] manages to go into the nitty-gritty of many issue, yet doesn’t gloss over them three pages later. I absolutely love that because real problems aren’t solved with a wave of a wand. You take them on and see where they lead you.” 4/5 –Andy, Owl Always Be Reading

As for Samuel and Kaye, I just love them. They have completely captured my heart. Their love story is so beautiful and tender.” 5/5 –Jenny, Book Sojourner

Happy Skygods reading.
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SKYGODS Book Tour & Giveaway

Giveaway items
The SKYGODS Tour and Giveaway is underway! Enter for a chance to win one of the following goodies:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep in mind that many of the participating book blogs have their own giveaways happening too, such as ebook raffles. I’ll add to this link list as blogs post their reviews and share their giveaways.

The next ten days is going to be fun!

Tuesday, August 26:

“It is a huge talent when author is able to touch her readers with her words in a powerful way. And Sarah Latchaw has it. Skygods is not your ordinary contemporary romance and Kaye’s & Samuel’s story touched me like no other.” 5/5Reading Is My Breathing

“I was captivated from the very first page and found myself engrossed with the story and continuously reading all through the night. I made sure that I finished it all in one sitting because it’s just the type of story that doesn’t let go once its got its teeth into you.” 4/5 —Fic Talk

“There are multiple layers to Kaye and Samuel’s relationship and a history that keeps their story interesting and provocative. This is no fluffy romance but one with tension, love, fear, drama, laughter, and passion.” 4/5Sincerely Stacie

“The artistic sensitivity of Samuel and the adventurous humor of Kaye make this entire series one of my favourite love stories of all time and I hope that this is not that last time that I get to live in their world.” 5/5Agents of Romance

“If I loved them before, I loved them even more here. In this book, we’ll get to know Samuel more…  their past and present. It is very touching and captivating…. And it is written so beautifully, so flawlessly… thus, making me a huge fan of Ms. Latchaw.” 5/5 –SlitsRead





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